Inateck usb 3.0 download driver

Inateck usb 3.0 download driver

inateck usb 3.0 download driver

Test the card on server , will not accept the drivers from OS or the cd, make a firmware upgrade, the OS can now find a driver, only run USB Try to install​. Inateck Superspeed 4 Ports PCI-E to USB Expansion Card - Interface (Free Upgrade Support: Keep up to date! Download the latest drivers for free from the. Inateck KT 3-port USB Dual Band Wireless PCI-E card Due to frequently updated drivers, please download the latest version on our Inateck official. inateck usb 3.0 download driver
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  • Inateck Dual Band Wireless PCI Express Card provides 3 Super Speed USB ports support transfer rates of up to 5Gbps - The actual transmission speed is limited by the setting of the device connected.
  • No need for extra power with 3-layer power management technology, different power management solutions for different devices..
  • Devices can select the most suitable wireless network automatically. Mbps plus Mbps provides you incomparable wireless network..
  • Supported Windows XP/7/8/, Drivers-free for Windows 8 or Above; Note: This card does not support Mac and Linux . Two drivers are needed for installation, one for USB and other one is for wireless network..
  • Package: 1x USB PCI-E Expansion Card with dual-band wireless network; 1x CD Driver; 1x User's Manual; 2x Screw; 2x Antenna.
Inateck KT 3-port USB Dual Band Wireless PCI-E card Due to frequently updated drivers, please download the latest version on our Inateck official website to enhance your using experience. Change your desktop to wireless mode in minutes Allows desktop computers to connect to high-speed wireless networks. Two antennas for increased wireless performance and stability. Reaching blazing speed at GHz and GHz. Load up with multiple devices Inateck KT PCI-E card has 3 USB ports (compatible downwards to USB /USB ) used for keyboard, mouse, hard drive etc. Provide you with more USB ports and protect your PC native USB ports. Double functions give you double speedy experienc Built-in with AC protocol dual-band wireless network card, supports GHz and 5GHz. Devices can select the most suitable wireless network automatically. Mbps plus Mbps provides you incomparable wireless network Please Note Please be noted that this card does not support Mac. Two drivers are needed for installation, one for USB and other one is for wireless network.


An excellent upgrade if you have a wireless AC router, PLUS it's got USB connectivity!
I recently upgraded my home router to the Netgear Nighthawk AC router. But my office desktop was still stuck on old Wi-Fi technology, so I picked this up to upgrade my computer, and to also add USB functionality at the same time.I've heard some people complaining about installation, but I'm running a Windows 7 SP 1 bit Operating System. I just followed the instructions step-by-step, and everything worked perfectly with no upgrade in performance was immediately noticeable. I instantly gained full signal connection with speeds I've never see on that computer was super easy to install, at least for me and following the instructions. It's one of the least expensive wireless AC cards I've seen, and it provides USB technology, which if you don't have that either you'll be glad you have it now!I am absolutely thrilled with this upgrade, and I'd recommend it to anyone who has a wireless AC router and wants to take advantage of the available speeds it provides. Read more
Just Buy itit works great.
Okayhere goes. Love it. Okay, okaya bit more. The reason that I purchased this WiFi adapter was that my computer's motherboard based G interface wasn't getting a very strong signal back in my office. So, having an N base router, I decided to upgrade my network card and see if I couldn't get some faster, it worked. My signal strength went from two to 4 barssee this product's dual antennasand my internet connection speed between my router and new WiFi card is Mbpsand where I was once limited to between 7 and 10 Mbps internet connectivity, I'm now running over 35 Mbps consistently.I am running Windows 10 and it did find the router and install the drivers without me having to use the installation disk, however, the card didn't produce throughput like it should, until I downloaded the Win10 driver from the manufacturer's website. But, easy-peasyno brainer installationthen restart your computer. The manufacturer's web address is in the instruction manual that comes in the www.scheepsplanken.bess to sayI'm a happy camper.I added the below information, because after reading some of the reviews here, I can see that some of you have no idea why you are having performance issues with your new WiFi network's a tip you may not be aware of. The information below is from the HP website and pertains to any wireless router / WiFi you need to know when putting together a networkhome or wireless an AP (access point / router) is dual-band but not dual-antenna, and if it is configured to allow devices using a range of wireless standards on the same network (such as b/g/n), then the connections will probably use the lowest common denominator. If an n client connects to an b/g/n AP, it may only see b speeds, or g speeds if there are no b clients connected at the www.scheepsplanken.bedth selectionIf an n device is allowed to operate in the 40 MHz bandwidth, it will achieve its highest possible throughput. This allows each antenna (see Multiple input, multiple output for more) to transmit and receive up to an n device is forced to operate in the 20 MHz bandwidth (a, b, g bands), then its throughput is cut in half, allowing each antenna to transmit and receive only up to 75 possible, an n client should also operate in the GHz frequency range, although using the GHz range does not necessarily result in performance's a tip about selecting your security protocol and how it can delay your access speeds / www.scheepsplanken.bess security and network performanceAny time you are connected to a wireless network you should use a security protocol to protect your data. The n standard requires you to use WPA2 authentication with AES encryption or no security at all in order to fully utilize n speeds. Choosing other wireless security algorithms, such as WEP or WPA which were popular with g, or TKIP encryption methods, can dramatically reduce performance to g might want to check your devices to see if you have any of the above conflicts, before writing in complaining of performance issues with your new router or WiFi FYI Read more
Wireless card and 3 usb Epic win
The amount if win you can get with this card is way too d*mn high, especially if you have a tiny computer with limited connectivity, both network and usb. Installation was a breeze, I downloaded the drivers from Inateck's support page on another computer after reading reviews on the bad drivers that come with the disk, even then you should run with the latest drivers for better support. I put the drivers on a usb flash disk, installed without a problem, restarted the computer, and bam, writing this product review the next day. This is an obvious upgrade from the usb network adapter I've been using the past year, I wish I had gotten this at the time, but this had only been out a month or thing was well packaged, you can tell the company really cares about their products getting to you safe. I've received cheap adapters where the only packaging was the plastic the adapter was wrapped in, so it just kind of flopped around inside the box. This adapter though, it was held in place by sturdy formed (recycled) paper, and it was thick too, it hugged the card inside the box, it wouldn't move even an 1/8th of an inch, all while wrapped inside an antistatic bag. The antennas were under the card inside two different antenna shaped compartments, then the manual was on top of the card, and the cd on top of the manual in its own cd sleeve. The box the way it was cut out and folded cannot open unless real external force opened the box, even then there was shrink wrap around the whole thing, I've gotten boxes only sealed with packing take, so the boxes could get wet and damaged by water or something. This thing though, there is a % chance you will get this thing in I noticed with this is that the antennas are HUGE, they almost reach the top of my pc case, and are very thick, they are also really close together, so putting them on the card will be a bit of a hassle cause they'll scrape each-other while screwing the antennas onto the card, so you may want to also invest in skinnier antennas, I also noticed on the wireless utility that when the antennas are both right next to each-other, that they interfere with each-other, i was getting around 50% signal strength and % link quality, and when I moved one antenna out a little bit that the link quality shot up to % and signal strength up to 70%. One thing I also noticed is that the wireless adapter isn't on its own lane for separate USB and wireless card in one, the wireless is actually going over USB , so without it, you will probably have 4x usb and not 3, which isn't a problem at all, just something I noticed, so you MUST install the USB drivers first before you can install the wireless thoughts:After dealing with 10+ cheap adapters, I decided it would be be better to get a more expensive adapter that wouldn't disconnect all the time, seriously, think about it, by the time you're done throwing away four $10 adapters, you could have bought this (or other better) adapter and save the time and hassle, so if you're still dealing with, or looking at replacement cheap adapters, just stop and get this one, remember, you get what you pay for. Read more
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Inateck usb 3.0 download driver

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